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Integration in the BC-Standard

CreditSolution2Dynamics extends the Dynamics standard with additional fields and ActionItems in three lists and three card. Furthermore, the department menu has been extended by the CreditSolution2Dynamics section.

Standard page extensions (list + card)

The following lists and cards are extended:

  • Customer list and card
  • Vendor list and card
  • Contact list and card
  • Sales order list and card
  • Sales quote list and card
  • Extensions for contact, customer and vendor are analogous.
  • Extensions for sales orders and sales offers are analogous.

Columns CreditSolution2Dynamics

CreditSolution2Dynamics extends the above lists by six columns. This is a subset of the fields from the CreditSolution2Dynamics tab, which will be discussed in the following chapter.

Tab CreditSolution2Dynamics

CreditSolution2Dynamics adds a tab to the above card


Business partner no.Internal identification number of the company. Pulled from the setup number series
Active orderShows the last, still active or not yet delivered, order. A click on [...] opens the ordered information.
ContactDisplays the contact no. of the linked contact, if it exists. A click on [...] opens the corresponding contact card.
CustomerDisplays the customer no. of the linked customer, if it exists. A click on [...] opens the corresponding customer card.
VendorDisplays the vendor no. of the linked vendor, if it exists. A click on [...] opens the corresponding vendor card.

Last informatoin:

StatusShows whether there is already information in the system for this company.
Information no.Displays the information no. of the last delivered information . A click on [...] opens the corresponding information card.
ServiceIndicates from which service the last information originated.
ProviderIndicates which provider delivered the last Skyminder information.
ProductIndicates what type of information the last report was.
CreatedIndicates when the information was ordered.
Normalized valuationShows the creditworthiness index of the last report normalized by CRIF (1 to 5, integer). The best score is a 1.
EvaluationDisplays the creditworthiness index assigned by the provider in the last report (for German companies, according to school grades from 1.0 to 6.0)