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General facility!

This section describes a standard setup of CreditSolution2Dynamics. The prerequisite for setting up and later using the interface is that you have already been provided with access data by CRIF. In addition, the setup requires a user who can access the BC task queue.

The setupcard can only be opened by users with the CreditSolution Admin permission set,because the setup is not user specific but global for the client.

The general setup of CreditSolution2Dynamics is divided into sections corresponding to the tabs of the setupcard.

Rider number series

Four number series are required for CreditSolution2Dynamics. These number series can either be entered in the fields of the respective series or be created automatically by the ActionItem in the menu ribbon. The ActionItem creates the number series one after the other and asks for each series if it should be inserted.

Search function tab

The "Max. number of search results" field can be used to specify the maximum number of search results that can be displayed for a search. The less relevant search results will not be displayed. If no number is specified, the limit for search results is set to 100 for technical reasons.

Rider traffic light

The CreditSolution2Dynamics traffic light setup is divided into two fields. These fields determine the threshold of the traffic light, i.e. when it turns from green to yellow and from yellow to red. These thresholds are applied to the "Normalized Rating" of an information and are by default 2.40 for "traffic light green/yellow" and 4.50 for "traffic light yellow/red" - but this can be changed at will. As a rule, the traffic light accesses the normalized rating of a piece of information - for German companies, the provider rating is used.

Rider Services

Here the services supported by CreditSolution2Dynamics are selected. Here the checkbox for CreditSolution must be marked.

CreditSolution Options tab

This tab is only available when CreditSolution is enabled as a service. For the CreditSolution service, a default setting can be made here, if the b.One layout should be delivered as PDF instead of the CreditSolution layout for German business partners. This setting determines whether the checkbox "Local PDF instead of CreditSolution PDF" is prefilled for an information request or not.

Active CreditSolution Todo tab

In the tab "Active CreditSolution Todo" it can be configured if system message todo should be created. The types of system message todo are given by CRIF and are implemented by CreditSolution2Dynamics in Dynamics.

Tab Cleanup

The "Cleanup" tab ensures that obsolete PDFs, JSONs and HTMLs are deleted. For this purpose, you can set how old the data may become before it is deleted. For this purpose, the fields are filled with a number , which represents the maximum number of days. For PDFs and HTMLs, the cleanup type can also be selected. This determines whether, instead of deleting the PDFs or HTMLs after a period of time , all PDFs or HTMLs except the current one for a business partner should be deleted.

Rider version

The "Version" tab displays information about the version of CreditSolution2Dynamics.